Tex-mex enchilada pasta bake

After turning Philly cheese steak into pasta last week, I’ve been thinking about what else would be fun to turn into pasta. I decided on beef enchiladas. Continue Reading »

Malteser cake

Last time I counted my cookbooks, I had around sixty five on my bookshelf. I decided this was plenty and that I would try not to buy any for a while. At the weekend I went shopping and I saw this (which I’m fairly certain is this book, having compared the indexes). Obviously I had to have it, and I’d been so good, I deserved it. My first cookbook for ages! Or so I thought. When I got home, I decided to count my cookbooks again (don’t envy my exciting life). Eighty five. I have eighty five cookbooks. Somehow, in my break from buying cookbooks, I have acquired twenty extra cookbooks. I do not know how this has happened. I couldn’t tell you which twenty are new. Oops. Continue Reading »

Mexican chicken nachos

I have a confession. I’m not great at cutlery. I hold my fork in my right hand. I hold my knife in my left hand. When I have to cut things, I kind of just saw at them a bit and then try to drag them apart. It’s not classy. But this doesn’t need cutlery! No! You can just pick up the nachos, scoop up some chicken and cheese, straight in your mouth. Yes. You might need a fork for stray bits of chicken, but I can totally do fork only meals. Continue Reading »

Toffee brownies

Are you a fan of fudgy brownies or cakey brownies? Honestly, I don’t even class cakey brownies as brownies. They are cakes. Small square cakes. But these, these are brownies. Lovely, fudgy toffee brownies. Continue Reading »


Gnocchi with bacon and egg

I subscribe to two cooking magazines, Good Food and Olive, and every month I fold down the pages of recipes I like the look of and then happily put the magazines on my bookshelf and forget all about them. When I look through them again, there are always recipes I’ve marked which are a bit different to my normal tastes, and I’m fairly certain I will never make them. This is one of those recipes, and this week I decided I was just going to go for it. If I didn’t like it, I could just not make it again. But I did like it. A lot. Continue Reading »

Sticky toffee cake

It was my Nana’s 87th birthday at the weekend and we never, ever buy birthday cakes, so I offered to make a cake for her. My nan is one of those people who claims not to like chocolate (which we all know is LIES, but whatevs), so that rules out a lot of the cakes I like to make. Fortunately, this cake is just as ace as any chocolate cake. Continue Reading »

Philly cheese steak pasta

Philly cheese steak might be the best sammich ever invented, and pasta might be my favourite food ever, so it seemed only natural to combine the two. This is gooey, cheesy and unashamedly tacky. Make it and put it in your face. Continue Reading »

As I love to add courgette to EVERYTHING, I was excited when I saw a recipe for Courgette carbonara a couple of years ago in Jamie at Home by Jamie Oliver. I copied out the recipe and I’ve made it often ever since.  Except that I haven’t, really. I’ve changed it every time until it’s morphed into something which doesn’t really resemble Jamie Oliver’s recipe at all, other than the fact that it has courgette in it. So I’m claiming it as my own. Is that too cheeky? Continue Reading »

Meatball subs

When I was at uni, Chris and I would go to Subway for lunch pretty much every week with our two most favouritest housemates (Hi Dave and Simmo!). I would always, always, always get a footlong meatball marinara and invariably end up with a tummy ache. But I didn’t care. I loved them. Meatballs, cheese and bread. What’s not to love? Continue Reading »

This started life as a jam and white chocolate roly poly. My Good Food magazine came with a yummy looking dessert on the front and I took it round to Mum’s house to show her. “That looks nice”, she said, “what’s in it?”. “Well, it’s got suet in it…”. This was thoroughly rejected. So I decided to turn it into swiss roll instead. Continue Reading »