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This weekend I had to go old school with my baking. My electric scales broke and I had to dig out my cheap dial scale I got when I first went to uni which only has marks every 50g. It was scary. It was inaccurate. It was impossible to measure 80g. It… worked! It worked! The cake worked! And the icing! Despite the primitive measuring method! Phew. That was tense. Were you tense? Have some cake. It totally helps. Come in, there’s cake!


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Last time I counted my cookbooks, I had around sixty five on my bookshelf. I decided this was plenty and that I would try not to buy any for a while. At the weekend I went shopping and I saw this (which I’m fairly certain is this book, having compared the indexes). Obviously I had to have it, and I’d been so good, I deserved it. My first cookbook for ages! Or so I thought. When I got home, I decided to count my cookbooks again (don’t envy my exciting life). Eighty five. I have eighty five cookbooks. Somehow, in my break from buying cookbooks, I have acquired twenty extra cookbooks. I do not know how this has happened. I couldn’t tell you which twenty are new. Oops. (more…)

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Sticky toffee cake

It was my Nana’s 87th birthday at the weekend and we never, ever buy birthday cakes, so I offered to make a cake for her. My nan is one of those people who claims not to like chocolate (which we all know is LIES, but whatevs), so that rules out a lot of the cakes I like to make. Fortunately, this cake is just as ace as any chocolate cake. (more…)

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