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Chocolate fudge cake

So, Easter kinda came and went, huh? Yeah it did. So here’s what we’re going to do: we’re going to pretend that this cake is decorated with eggs and stuff because I’m MENTAL and I will decorate baked goods with anything I like, whether it’s a holiday or not. We probably don’t need to pretend actually, I really would do that. (more…)

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Lemon meringue cake

It’s Easter! And what perfect timing it is, because I have spent the entire week craving (and eating) chocolate, and now I get a free pass to stuff my face with even more of it. I do have a confession. We might have eaten Easter eggs last weekend because my mum couldn’t control herself and encouraged us all to eat them as well. But shh, keep it secret. Come in, there’s cake!

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Creamy prawn pasta

I cannot believe that, given how much pasta I eat, the last time I posted a pasta recipe was in October. That is madness! Utter madness. It is my favourite food and if I could only eat pasta forever I’d… well, I’d cry, because pasta isn’t cake, but it’d definitely be near the top of my “foods I wouldn’t mind eating forever whilst not being allowed to eat anything else, once I’d got used to not being allowed cake” list. Yes, the titles of my lists are always that snappy. Yes, I make many lists. Be quiet now. This is on my most favouritest pastas list

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Mars bar loaf cake

It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here! Hurray for Mars bars!

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Mozzarella and parma ham stromboli

When I was little, I was a horribly picky eater. Not picky like snobby, picky like I would not eat anything. You could probably count the foods I would eat on one hand. Fortunately, I realised I was being MENTAL a good few years ago now, but for years and years my diet consisted mostly of processed chicken burgers, ham and cheese sandwiches and the vegetables my mum would try to make me eat. Bleurgh. No vegetables in here, promise!

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Apple cake with toffee sauce

Caramel is not my friend. I’m too impatient. I watch the pan for what feels like hours, and the sugar just stares up at me from the bottom of the pan in its original state. So I whack the heat up and before I know it the bottom has burnt while the top still hasn’t melted. So I throw it away and start again, and usually the second attempt works fine. Let’s make a second batch!

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Nutella banana loaf

A few weeks ago, I bought a gigantic jar of Nutella. Because I might want to bake with it, or spread it on bananas, or eat it straight from the jar with a spoon. But then I forgot about it, until Chris told me I needed to bake with Nutella because we had three jars. Where did these other two jars come from? How had I not eaten all of it in front of the tv yet? Who bought all this Nutella? Well, me. Let’s buy more!

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