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Vanilla macaroons

I hate almonds. A lot. The taste of them in sweet things is just utterly unpleasant. So why exactly did I think it was a good idea to make some? Well, I know that they’re supposed to be difficult to make, a little prone to throwing a tantrum in your oven and breaking your heart, and I felt like taking on the challenge. I was absolutely thrilled when they emerged from my oven all pretty and not an exploded mess (don’t get me wrong, I’m not pretending they’re perfect, but I think they look pretty damn good for a first attempt). But now I have 14 macaroons sitting in a tupperware tub which I have no intention of eating. Come inside for more pretty macaroon photos


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After coming back from my holiday not quite looking like Kelly Brook (because of eating things like this), I decided I needed to get fitter. My friend Emma, who is a lot fitter than me, kindly offered to go running with me twice a week before work. This means getting up at 6am (urgh) to run three miles (urgh). Horrible. So, to make it more bearable, we agreed that we would take it in turns to bring muffins in for a post-run reward. I know this may sound counter-productive, but you try running before most sane people get up. (more…)

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