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Chocolate Tia Maria parfait

I hadn’t planned to make this and it isn’t often that I spontaneously bake. Usually because I don’t have time in between all the planned baking! But after making macaroons I found myself with some spare egg yolks and it seemed a shame to throw them away. I knew I’d seen several recipes in my new Green and Black’s cookbook that only used egg yolks, and, as they all contain chocolate, I knew I’d want to make pretty much all of them! It was difficult deciding which to make (dark chocolate and cardamom ice cream? buttermilk and bitter chocolate ice cream? gooey chocolate puddings?) but I’ve never made parfait before so I decided to try something new. It was a good decision! Give me parfait!


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My mum is brilliant at languages; she speaks pretty good French and German. My dad was fluent in Italian. My sisters have also managed to pick up the languages they were taught at school to an impressive standard. But the language gene seems to have skipped me, because the only things I remember from language lessons at school are the german for “round the corner” (“um die Ecke”!) and the recipe for this chocolate mousse. (more…)

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