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Last time I counted my cookbooks, I had around sixty five on my bookshelf. I decided this was plenty and that I would try not to buy any for a while. At the weekend I went shopping and I saw this (which I’m fairly certain is this book, having compared the indexes). Obviously I had to have it, and I’d been so good, I deserved it. My first cookbook for ages! Or so I thought. When I got home, I decided to count my cookbooks again (don’t envy my exciting life). Eighty five. I have eighty five cookbooks. Somehow, in my break from buying cookbooks, I have acquired twenty extra cookbooks. I do not know how this has happened. I couldn’t tell you which twenty are new. Oops. (more…)


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Malteser fudge

Hands up if you love Maltesers! *puts both hands up* (more…)

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Dear Maltesers

If I crush you up and bake you in brownies, are you still the lighter way to enjoy chocolate? Please say yes.

Yours sincerely (yeah, I know the letter writing rules)


P.S. Please can you hide from Chris when he approaches the sweets cupboard, otherwise he eats all of you and I am sad. Hide behind the Pringles, I don’t like those. (more…)

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