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Mozzarella and parma ham stromboli

When I was little, I was a horribly picky eater. Not picky like snobby, picky like I would not eat anything. You could probably count the foods I would eat on one hand. Fortunately, I realised I was being MENTAL a good few years ago now, but for years and years my diet consisted mostly of processed chicken burgers, ham and cheese sandwiches and the vegetables my mum would try to make me eat. Bleurgh. No vegetables in here, promise!


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Focaccia – step by step



Bread has always been one of my favourite things to eat. I am a huge fan of carbs in general (which explains my big fat bum), but bread is my number one favourite. I would always buy fresh bread when I got my weekly shop in, but recently I discovered how ace it is to make your own. You can’t tell from my recent blog posts (because I’ve been a bit lazy getting recipes up) but since I made chorizo and thyme fougasse a few weeks ago, I’ve been on a huge bread kick. Carbs carbs carbs!

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Sausage rolls made with homemade puff pastry

I’ve heard lots of things about puff pastry. “It’s difficult”, they say. “It’s time consuming”, they say. “It promises you everything and leaves you with NOTHING”, they say. Possibly. Maybe that’s shortcrust pastry. I’m not a pastry expert. Which probably makes you wonder why I’ve decided to do a step-by-step to puff pastry. But anyway, puff pastry is nowhere near as difficult as I’d convinced myself it would be! Stop! Pastry time!

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Look at these. They lasted about 20 minutes. My nan has been making sausage rolls since I was very little and I don’t know how many times she’s been requested to make them over the years. They’re so good that I assumed they must be difficult to make, but, and it seems so obvious when you think about it, you only really need two ingredients and they can be ready to go in the oven in less than 15 minutes. (more…)

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