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Apple cake with toffee sauce

Caramel is not my friend. I’m too impatient. I watch the pan for what feels like hours, and the sugar just stares up at me from the bottom of the pan in its original state. So I whack the heat up and before I know it the bottom has burnt while the top still hasn’t melted. So I throw it away and start again, and usually the second attempt works fine. Let’s make a second batch!


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I have a soft spot for loaf cakes. They’re not flashy. They don’t need to dress up all pretty. They’re happy just the way they are, simple and tasty. And everyone else is happy with them the way they are too, because they totally rule your face. I wish I were a loaf cake. Or something. Click here if you wish you were a loaf cake too!

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This weekend I had to go old school with my baking. My electric scales broke and I had to dig out my cheap dial scale I got when I first went to uni which only has marks every 50g. It was scary. It was inaccurate. It was impossible to measure 80g. It… worked! It worked! The cake worked! And the icing! Despite the primitive measuring method! Phew. That was tense. Were you tense? Have some cake. It totally helps. Come in, there’s cake!

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