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Chocolate sticky toffee pudding

You didn’t think he only got a main course, did you? Every birthday meal needs a dessert! Chris is rather fond of this sticky toffee cake and that is what I was originally going to make for this birthday. But then I ordered a copy of Green and Black’s Ultimate Chocolate Recipes and came across this recipe. Sticky toffee pudding AND chocolate? Yes please. So I suggested it to Chris (because I was just thinking about what Chris would like for his birthday, obviously. Not because I really, really wanted chocolate sticky toffee pudding. No no no. Not at all.) and he agreed that it sounded like something he’d want to put in his face. So I made this and we put it in our faces and I was so happy I could have exploded. Get in my face, toffee!


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Sticky toffee cake

It was my Nana’s 87th birthday at the weekend and we never, ever buy birthday cakes, so I offered to make a cake for her. My nan is one of those people who claims not to like chocolate (which we all know is LIES, but whatevs), so that rules out a lot of the cakes I like to make. Fortunately, this cake is just as ace as any chocolate cake. (more…)

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