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Philly cheese steak pasta

Philly cheese steak might be the best sammich ever invented, and pasta might be my favourite food ever, so it seemed only natural to combine the two. This is gooey, cheesy and unashamedly tacky. Make it and put it in your face. (more…)


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The steak sandwich recipe wasn’t meant to be a sandwich. I was flicking through Mexican Food Made Simple and I came across a recipe called “Rib-eye steak with chilli mushrooms”. On the facing page is a picture of the yummiest looking sammich you have ever seen. So I started reading through the recipe and I realised the picture and the recipe didn’t match. At all. But the idea had been planted in my brain, so steak and chilli mushroom sandwich was what we made 🙂 (more…)

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This weekend I went a bit Mexican food crazy. I’ve made steak burritos, mushroom and chorizo quesadillas, barbecued steak and chilli mushroom sandwich, barbecued chicken adobado and a yummy caramel and pineapple cheesecake to finish. So, here is the first of many Mexican recipes to be posted over the next few days. (more…)

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