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Philly cheese steak pasta

Philly cheese steak might be the best sammich ever invented, and pasta might be my favourite food ever, so it seemed only natural to combine the two. This is gooey, cheesy and unashamedly tacky. Make it and put it in your face. (more…)


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I am terrible, TERRIBLE, at making decisions. Shall we go to this restaurant or that restaurant? Should I have cheesecake or sticky toffee pudding? Or the chocolate fondant? Do I really want garlic bread if I’m having pizza? (Yes, yes I do). And it’s not just food decisions I can’t make. Do I want to watch my new, exciting Lovefilm or another episode of the Sopranos? Do I want to read at lunchtime or go running? (Admittedly, deciding which I’d prefer here isn’t difficult, but oh, the guilt if I don’t run). Do I think this dress is beautiful or is it actually so hideous that it’s become interesting, but¬†ultimately unwearable? (more…)

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This might be my new favourite meatballs recipe. It feels wrong to prefer meatballs in wraps to meatballs with pasta, but I can’t help it! I swear I tried not to! (more…)

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