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Gnocchi with bacon and egg

I subscribe to two cooking magazines, Good Food and Olive, and every month I fold down the pages of recipes I like the look of and then happily put the magazines on my bookshelf and forget all about them. When I look through them again, there are always recipes I’ve marked which are a bit different to my normal tastes, and I’m fairly certain I will never make them. This is one of those recipes, and this week I decided I was just going to go for it. If I didn’t like it, I could just not make it again. But I did like it. A lot. (more…)


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If you looked at all the cookbooks I have, you’d probably come to the conclusion that Gordon Ramsay is my favourite chef. I have six of his cookbooks, which is the most I have of any other cookery book author. But I’ve never made anything from any of them! Eep. (more…)

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