As far as my family is concerned, this is pretty much the only way to eat crab. Occasionally, if we have enough crab for two nights or not enough crab for this recipe, we’ll make a very yummy crab pasta. But otherwise, if you have crab, do this. Yes. Continue Reading »

Spicy sausage pasta

Not pictured: The mountain of cheddar I grated on top of this. Continue Reading »

Are they still cookies and cream if I left out the cream? I did have some in the fridge but it was a week out of date and I didn’t really want to poison Chris’s colleagues. Not when they say such nice things about my baking. Continue Reading »

Malteser brownies

Dear Maltesers

If I crush you up and bake you in brownies, are you still the lighter way to enjoy chocolate? Please say yes.

Yours sincerely (yeah, I know the letter writing rules)


P.S. Please can you hide from Chris when he approaches the sweets cupboard, otherwise he eats all of you and I am sad. Hide behind the Pringles, I don’t like those. Continue Reading »

These are chocolatey and melty-ey, especially in this weather (thanks for the help with the introduction, Mum!). They take about five minutes to throw together (after an initial panic about the dough never turning into dough) and twelve minutes to cook. Then you can cover them in melted chocolate and proceed to stuff your face, growling at anyone who attempts to approach the plate of biscuits. Continue Reading »

Chicken and chorizo pasta

I have nothing to say about this except I wish I’d made four times as much so I could be stuffing my face with more of it right now. Continue Reading »

Courgette lasagne


I know, I know. Courgette lasagne? Really? Surely it can’t taste that good. Or fill you up at all. In fact, it sounds like a stupid idea. But it’s not! It’s a really good idea! I promise! Continue Reading »

I made another cake recipe of my very own! Look how soft and pillowy they look. They don’t make good pillows though, they squish and you end up with cream cheese on your face. Continue Reading »


I am terrible, TERRIBLE, at making decisions. Shall we go to this restaurant or that restaurant? Should I have cheesecake or sticky toffee pudding? Or the chocolate fondant? Do I really want garlic bread if I’m having pizza? (Yes, yes I do). And it’s not just food decisions I can’t make. Do I want to watch my new, exciting Lovefilm or another episode of the Sopranos? Do I want to read at lunchtime or go running? (Admittedly, deciding which I’d prefer here isn’t difficult, but oh, the guilt if I don’t run). Do I think this dress is beautiful or is it actually so hideous that it’s become interesting, but ultimately unwearable? Continue Reading »

Rose cupcake icing

Yesterday I had a lesson in icing cupcakes to look like roses from my sister-in-law (near enough :)), Claire (who runs her own cupcake business, Sweet Sugar Sixpence. Have a look!). Continue Reading »