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This weekend I had to go old school with my baking. My electric scales broke and I had to dig out my cheap dial scale I got when I first went to uni which only has marks every 50g. It was scary. It was inaccurate. It was impossible to measure 80g. It… worked! It worked! The cake worked! And the icing! Despite the primitive measuring method! Phew. That was tense. Were you tense? Have some cake. It totally helps. Come in, there’s cake!

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Thai massaman curry

Thai food is another one of those things I missed out on for the first 16 years of my life. In fact, I don’t think I was brave enough to try it until I was at uni. Now it’s one of my favourites and I can’t believe I haven’t got any Thai recipes on the blog yet, so here’s one of my favourite Thai curries to rectify the situation! (more…)

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I did not realise, when I decided to make this, how much of an arse-ache it would be to get pasta shells. I naively went to my usual supermarket and happily (that bit might be a lie, grocery shopping makes me angry) trotted (also a lie, I never trot) up and down the aisles picking up my shopping, when I got to the pasta aisle. I looked at the big pasta shapes they had. Not there. “Hmm,” I thought, “I must not be looking properly” (this happens a lot). I looked at the small pasta shells. Nope, not there either. In fact, after 10 minutes of searching (and panicking) it transpired that they did not stock large pasta shells. They had what can only be described as slightly-larger-than-small-but-not-even-medium-sized pasta shells. (more…)

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Are Mars bars the finest chocolate bar ever created? Yes. Yes they are. Mars bars have got me through many an afternoon at work and I would eat several every day if I could. They are possibly my favourite chocolate bar and I decided I needed to make a cupcake based on them. Turns out these are my favourite cupcakes too! (more…)

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Risotto all’arrabiata

This recipe has been waiting and waiting and WAITING for me to finish my exams so that it could finally be posted. And now that it’s finally here, you need to make this. When I first tasted it, I actually paused in shock at how good it is. Really. I don’t do that. I eat my food as quickly as possible before something awful can happen that might stop me from finishing my food, like the world ending or me dropping my plate because I’m clumsy. Remember that time the world ended and you didn’t get to eat half of that amazing risotto? Exactly. (more…)

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