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These cakes just say autumn to me (not literally, that would be mental. And would I still have the heart to eat them if they could talk? I’m so glad they can’t talk.). I think it’s the warm, fudgey flavours of the toffee and the autumnal orange of the fudge and icing, and sticky toffee anything is just great comfort food. While this cake is still my favourite of any sticky toffee dessert, these cupcakes are delicious and definitely worth a make. You want some sticky toffee? Yeah you do!


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Are Mars bars the finest chocolate bar ever created? Yes. Yes they are. Mars bars have got me through many an afternoon at work and I would eat several every day if I could. They are possibly my favourite chocolate bar and I decided I needed to make a cupcake based on them. Turns out these are my favourite cupcakes too! (more…)

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