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I did not realise, when I decided to make this, how much of an arse-ache it would be to get pasta shells. I naively went to my usual supermarket and happily (that bit might be a lie, grocery shopping makes me angry) trotted (also a lie, I never trot) up and down the aisles picking up my shopping, when I got to the pasta aisle. I looked at the big pasta shapes they had. Not there. “Hmm,” I thought, “I must not be looking properly” (this happens a lot). I looked at the small pasta shells. Nope, not there either. In fact, after 10 minutes of searching (and panicking) it transpired that they did not stock large pasta shells. They had what can only be described as slightly-larger-than-small-but-not-even-medium-sized pasta shells. (more…)


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