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Dear Maltesers

If I crush you up and bake you in brownies, are you still the lighter way to enjoy chocolate? Please say yes.

Yours sincerely (yeah, I know the letter writing rules)


P.S. Please can you hide from Chris when he approaches the sweets cupboard, otherwise he eats all of you and I am sad. Hide behind the Pringles, I don’t like those. (more…)


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These are chocolatey and melty-ey, especially in this weather (thanks for the help with the introduction, Mum!). They take about five minutes to throw together (after an initial panic about the dough never turning into dough) and twelve minutes to cook. Then you can cover them in melted chocolate and proceed to stuff your face, growling at anyone who attempts to approach the plate of biscuits. (more…)

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Look! Fudge! I made this! With a sugar thermometer! It was stressful. But yummy. And now I can check it off my to do list. Hurray! (more…)

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Chocolate banoffee pie

Yep. Chocolate. Banoffee. Pie. Look at it. Don’t you just want to stick your face in it? Well, you shouldn’t. You’d have cream all over your face! It would be much more sensible to eat it with a spoon. (more…)

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My mum is brilliant at languages; she speaks pretty good French and German. My dad was fluent in Italian. My sisters have also managed to pick up the languages they were taught at school to an impressive standard. But the language gene seems to have skipped me, because the only things I remember from language lessons at school are the german for “round the corner” (“um die Ecke”!) and the recipe for this chocolate mousse. (more…)

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